Anonymous said: Heey, post mo mga binili mo from japan ha! Plus the girlaloo stuff :3

Tignan ko and who’s this? :))

Anonymous said: Picture of closet/fashion shizz that you own please :)

I’ll see if I can post but stay tuned :D

Anonymous said: where will u go?

Japan :3

Canyon Cove: Day Two.

Nothing happened much, really, just swam for the last time since we were also going to leave that afternoon. Nevermind, erase that, a lot exciting things happened which I just remembered doing. Although, it wasn’t my camera that we used and I am lazy to grab the photos… I am just going to tell what were the exciting things. First, I got to swim a whole lot better because it wasn’t dark anymore. Second, I swam at the beach since I wasn’t able to swim the day before and Third, we got to go banana boating again and it was a whole lot of fun!

So, those were the amazing things I got to do that day before we leave.

First adventure of Summer was well spent! :-bd

^See you again soon! :-h


So, that ends my first adventure of Summer. Wait for my other adventure which I will be posting after our out-of-the-country trip ;) xoxo.

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Canyon Cove: Day One.

Since I forgot the exact date when we went to Canyon Cove, the only thing I was sure about is that it was sometime around March because I remembered that after going there, it was ARC release day. Anyway, we got there around 3 or 4, I think but we only settled our things at around 8 or 9 because we were actually staying in the residential place and the reason behind this is because my dad has a client that knows someone who can let us use one of the rooms there. Sad to say is that, the housekeeper was late because he almost forgot that we were coming (yes, we already went last year with my mom and dad’s barkada but this year, it was with my mom’s office mates). So, while waiting, we hang out at the beach to wait for my mom’s office mates and the house keeper since it was free to hang out there. Took a lot of pictures but I’ll only show a few :3

^Jellyfish fact (my own): I could clearly see it with my bare eyes but everytime I snap a picture of it… It appears to be like this. It’s like they’re camouflaging. Awesome right? :D

^ A little boy enjoying :3

^ Daddy loves and I goofing around :))

^Mom and Dad <3

^Almost sunset.

^I dunno how I did that O.o


My mom’s office mates arrived after 30 minutes when we arrived so, they also suffered waiting. Hahaha. Anyway, I also took pictures at night but it wasn’t that good so, I’ll keep it to myself. Mwahahaha. Joke. :)) I roamed around with mom’s office mates since they were all still at the stage of being young (age is still around 20) but all the roaming around made us bored and it was getting late so, we decided to swim and not to waste our time there. :D

When we were already settled and had eaten and cleaned. We decided to plug on the karaoke my dad brought (WOW magic sing) since there was a TV we could use.  It was a fun day and night. So, my day wasn’t really wasted :D


That’s all for today! :D

I know the teaser of my Canyon Cove getaway is still not done and is not yet started but I am trying to start it already by editing the pictures because after that post. I will also be posting my Ilocos trip. This is the hardship of having my blog as a diary but at least, I still remember ;) I’ll try to finish it sometime tomorrow because I’ll be leaving the country for 2 weeks and I’ll be back on May 4 and that is a long time. So, I’ll do it and make it simple. 

Have a nice day everyone! :D

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Breathtaking :)

Breathtaking :)

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Canyon Cove treat (Teaser)

March 24, 2012

^Got darker :-“

The pictures are not the pictures from Canyon Cove, they are just some pictures I took on the way because I got bored :))

/stay tuned for the actual post :D

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All I need is TIME.

asdjkhakdlfj….WHY? I can’t seem to have time even if I’ve got plenty of time. My summer already had its ups and downs; sign of using my summer time already but I can’t seem to find enough time. Maybe that’s missing… ENOUGH TIME -.- 

So, yeah, that’s why maybe I haven’t been blogging lately even if summer began two weeks ago. Another goal to consider in my long list of goals: Find enough time to do some things this summer.

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